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Special IT Service Provider for the Banking Industry

GDB Gesellschaft für Datensicherheit und IT-Beratung mbH (IT Company for private banks) is an associated company of the Prüfungsverband deutscher Banken e.V. (PV) (Auditing Association of German Banks).

Accordingly GDB operates as an IT consultancy company specialising in the private banking sector, but also works for service providers in this field (e.g. bank computer centres or banking software development companies).

Banks and other financial services companies including their suppliers are extremely interested in the quality of IT systems used which are today of vital importance. This means that not only do these systems have to be available at all times but also that the IT applications must function one hundred percent. It also means first and foremost that - in view of the necessity of particularly sensitive data handling in this sector - IT security must meet the highest requirements. This is for the protection of customers, users and of the entire banking system.

Similarly - as with IT systems - IT organisation must be constantly improved with regard to management of operational risks (Basel II).

The experienced GDB employees have specialised in all associated tasks in the banking IT sphere.

The Head Office of GDB is situated in Cologne.