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Software Certification

Software certification is a GDB service aimed specifically at companies developing banking operational software. The certificate acts as a quality endorsement of the said software and can therefore be used as a marketing tool.

If the software used by a company is certified this fact can be taken into account in the annual audit. The auditor only needs to audit customer-specific features and circumstances.

GDB performs the software test in accordance with the auditing standards of the Institute of Public Accountants in Germany for award and use of software certifications (IDW PS 880). The object of the test is to assess compliance with generally accepted accounting principles for the use of information technology.

Software certification is designed as a system audit and covers the following points:

  • necessary processing functions
  • programmed processing rules
  • differentiation of access rights
  • data backup and restart procedures
  • program development, maintenance and release
  • documentation

Award of a certificate attests that the software – in the version tested and if correctly used - complies with generally accepted accounting principles.